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Horse Racing Club.

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Inspire Horse Racing Club was formed to share with its members the experience and thrills of horse ownership and race day participation without the high ongoing costs of training fees, vet bills or indeed any of the costs associated with the sport.

With 7 horses in full training, ranging from an exciting ex Irish pointer in Robin De Broome, and the Highclere bred Idyllic, not to mention the potentially high class Machiato, and the Shadwell bred yearling Filly there is something in there for everyone. We aim to keep a busy race schedule to keep our member entertained and provide plenty of opportunity to attend the races.

Benefits of


Exclusivity is a big focus, by limiting our horse racing club membership to just 500 this truly gives you access to something personal and allows us to provide to our members a greater experience and more opportunities than other clubs which have no caps on membership diluting down your experience and of course any prize money, for a full list of benefits please see our benefits page.



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