Q. How much does it cost to join Inspire Racing Club?



A. One year’s membership to Inspire Racing Club costs £399, which is paid at the start of your membership period. You will be offered the opportunity to renew your membership from one month before your membership ends.

Q.Are there any hidden costs on top of the £399 yearly membership fee?



A. No. Other than the £399 annual membership fee, there are no other compulsory costs involved in your membership. You will never be invoiced to cover any of the costs for training or caring for the Club’s horses and visits to the stables to see the Club horses are free to Members. We do offer a number of optional services that are additional to Club membership, some of which do incur a small charge, and tickets to organised Club hospitality events are advertised at discounted prices for Members to book. However, you are under absolutely no obligation to use any of these optional services or to attend Club hospitality events.



Q.How long does membership last?

A. Membership to Inspire Racing Club lasts for a total of 12 months from the date your application is paid for. At the end of the year, you will then have the option to renew for a further year.

Q.Do I have to renew my membership at the end of my membership term?

A. No. Although we are very sure that you will want to remain a Member of Inspire Racing Club, you are under no obligation to continue with your membership once your initial yearly term has come to an end.

Q.Can I buy a membership for someone else?

A. Yes, you can purchase Inspire Racing Club membership as a gift for someone else. When you purchase the initial year of Club membership, you can purchase the membership in your own name and then transfer membership at any time.

Q.If I purchase a membership for someone else, am I able to have the membership pack posted to my address or does it have to go to the new Member?

A. If you have purchased an Inspire Racing Club membership for someone as a gift, you may wish to give them the membership pack yourself. If so, the membership pack can be delivered to an alternative initial delivery address.

Q. How is prize money allocated between members?



Each member will receive a 1/500 share of the net prize money won by the horses during the preceding 12 months of Membership


For full details see Terms & Conditions.