Hi all,

Robin De Broome came through his race very well, our Jockey Tom said he just gallops so he didn’t have a hard race and was jumping and kicking the next morning. We are going to try and get him into a 3 mile novice hurdle over the next few days.

Spikes Princess, should also have a race entry before the weekend with more info to follow. Idyllic is now doing faster work now and doing very well, we will be picking up her training.

The big fella Machiato has also started his faster work on the straight gallop doing 2-3 miles a day. Dragon Pulse was highly strung and a little bit behind in training but still looking good. (note from Leigh) “that will give us the time needed for the members to name her then”

And finally the youngster of the bunch our yearling  is just cantering away as she has only just been broken in we will be working with her closely.


Brian Barr.