The Club

The Club

Inspire racing club was formed to offer to its members a truly personal experience currently not offered by many others. Many clubs have unlimited membership or too few horses, diluting down the experience and not providing value for money. Our clubs aim is to provide a true ownership experience and ample opportunity for all members to engage with the trainer, staff and attend races.

Our members will be able to follow the entire journey of the horses from the day to day training and health care of the horses through to race day participation.

The members will be able to attend race days often in the owners enclosure watching the horses run in our club colours and share in the prize money of any win. Members will also be able to visit the training facilities where they will be given tours and shown the horses in training. All members will be provided with the same information, horse updates and opportunities that the owner receives making everyone feel truly part of the club.


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A short message from our clubs manager

“I formed the club to provide a true horse ownership experience after not being able to find that myself so I decided to create it. Many clubs had limited horses and unlimited memberships making any experience impersonal and those offering a more personal approach in my view were too expensive.
My pledge is to keep no less than 6 horses in full training and will replace any that are injured and that would miss a season. Our horses will provide a busy race schedule allowing ample opportunity across the country for members to participate. Any updates or news I receive will be shared instantly with you and your input and feedback will be welcomed.
I look forward to you joining our club and meeting with you at the races, stables and our annual dinner.”


I look forward to you joining our club.