The week ahead 05-02-18

Well we have had another amazing week for the club, we really found out just how great our members are when Robin De broome was racing, the race albeit the reason we were all there (You can read Robins Posts race analysis bellow) was almost secondary as the Towcester hospitality was warm, welcoming and the free food in the owners lounge was awesome!

We have a lot of things going on and even more club news coming over the next few days, we will inform members first then release the info to the public.

We had a very good write-up in the Telegraph on Sunday, and following on from the At The Races comments about horse racing clubs being the way forward for horse racing lovers we are very proud.

Davis Crosse, Inspire Racing Club Sponsored Jockey is the busiest jockey on the planet according to the Sun newspaper  Read More

No so busy bust just as successful over the last few weeks Tom Garner has his say here

Robin De Broome by Brian Barr

Robin traveled to Towcester on Thursday to make his handicap debut, we were concerned about the ground but let him take his chance as a few of the club members were in attendance, he jumped and traveled very strongly until 3 out where he folded tamely, after the race club sponsored jockey Tom Garner had no explanation for him stopping so quickly when in fact he looked the winner 3 out, we scoped him after the race and he scoped clean, in fact the cleanest post race scope I’ve ever seen, his wind was checked today and bloods taken, all results were clear, so in my opinion we must not only blame the dead, tacky ground, but also avoid it from here on in, I’m not saying summer ground, just not the desperate conditions we had here, he’s eaten up and looks great today, so we live to fight another day.

The Week Ahead

Toolatetodelegate ran a solid enough race at Wolverhampton but a combination of her wide draw, inexperienced jockey and step up in trip all worked against her. She will be back out in the next couple of weeks back over 5f with a more experienced jockey back on board her. She has done us all proud recently and will get her head in front again soon I am sure.

Robin De Broome came out of his Towcester run fine, not a bother on him the next morning. We weren’t too keen to run as the ground was very bad as it showed with his below form result. Although Tom bought him back safe which was the main thing. Up until three out he jumped and travelled fantastic which bodes well for when he gets his better ground. He will maybe drop a couple of pound which can only help next time.

The Dragon Pulse filly who has now been named Zyraet after her draw looks well but continues to be a little tricky, some days she happily works with us, other days she’s not so keen! She will get there, hopefully with some sun on her back with the spring coming will help her.

Machiato will be assessed by the vets this week to see if he can now resume ridden exercise again which will be good. He hasn’t missed too much has he has done plenty of work without a saddle on which is a great thing to be able to do here.

Haats Off, recently named after having her name drawn out of the hat continues in fine fettle and is doing all the right things. She has filled out and grown nicely and almost looks like a colt not a filly as she is solid. She enjoys her work and has a great, gritty attitude.

Spikes Princess disappointed last time when we were expecting a reasonable run, I originally thought the race came too soon which maybe it did but she also came back with a horrific rash over her side and back which was very sore and this must have also been a factor. She will have one or two more chances to see if she can improve before we have a look at her future. She is far better than her last run as hopefully we will see next time.

Idyllic is now back cantering after having a few easy days after her run. She got a great opening mark of 56 which we are sure she can win off, Rossa Ryan said if she gets a mark under 60 he would be pleased. She will now step up in trip for her handicap debut within the next couple of weeks.